Kashmir Marathon 2017

On 5th of September 2017, FORD (Forum Of Rehabilitation For The Disabled) organized a marathon race under the campaign of “Build a Ramp & make world wheelchair friendly” in collaboration with the Wings of Angels and the local authorities of district Bagh Azad Jammu and Kashmir. Several national and international athletes from around the world participated in the marathon race. The marathon race started from Benazir Palace Bagh and ended at the New Hullar Bridge near Hudda Bari. The marathon participants covered the distance of 42 kilometers running through from Bagh City, Noman Pura, the new Hullar Bridge and back to Bagh City. A wheelchair race was also organized at the end of the marathon. Several people with disabilities from all over Azad Jammu & Kashmir participated in the competition.

This was the first ever marathon race conducted in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. The purpose of this historic event was to minimize the barriers and to maximize the opportunities for the persons with disabilities in every field of life, and to ensure that they have an equal and exclusive access to all the facilities including Education, Health, Employment, Sports, transport and especially “to build the wheelchair Ramps” at the all public places.

At the closing ceremony of the marathon, the founder and the president of FORD, Aqeel Haider said, “Ramps and other facilities at the public places are not only a basic human right of the people with disability, but according to the United Nations Sustainable Development goals especially Goal 10 and Goal 11 and its various targets emphasize on PWDs rights. We are committed to achieving this agenda of humanity before 2030”. Aqeel Haider thanked The Wings of Angels, the Administration of Bagh and Mr. Amjid Ali Jafri for their support in organizing the event and highlighting the problems faced by the people with disabilities.

The deputy commissioner of Bagh and other officials attended closing ceremony and appreciated the efforts of FORD and the Wings of Angels in organizing such a fantastic event which got an overwhelming response from the people. Prizes and medals were also distributed among the winners and the participants of the marathon.

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