Disability Counselling and Disability Support

disability counseling

Looking after people’s emotional and mental health needs

Many people with an intellectual or physical disability have emotional needs or mental health needs that are ignored, overlooked or put into the “too hard basket.”

They feel marginalised and isolate themselves, struggling with work and other basic life functions. The emotional and mental well being of people, is far too important to be ignored.

Counselling is one way of looking after people’s emotional and mental health needs and showing they can participate in the community in an active and healthy way.

We recognise they may experience a range of emotions, thoughts and feelings that may cause them concern. The lives of family members may also be affected in different ways.


Our Counsellors are Developmental Educators who are disability specialists and work on a person centred approach. Counsellors respect the rights of individuals to make informed choices in relation to their life.

FORD offers holistic counselling to assist people to improve their quality of life. We assist people with all forms of disabilities develop skills and maintain an active role in the community and employment to ensure that people with a disability are recognised, valued and respected. We work closely with families, carers and other Health Professionals in the support of the person with a Disability.

We offer a Support Service to assist people to develop Life Skills and participate in Community and Social Events.

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