About Us


After the earthquake of October 8, 2005, Forum of Rehabilitation of Disabled (FORD) was founded with an objective of providing integrated services in the entire spectrum of development for the uplift of the quality of the life of the persons with limited physical and functional mobility.

FORD is a volunteer and not for profit making organization. In the continuity of volunteer services after the earthquake, in the relief phase of disaster management and medical treatment of spinal cord patients at National Institute of Handicapped (NIHd) now National Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine (NIRM), Islamabad and Armed Forced Institute of Rehabilitation & Medicine (AFIRM), the group of Spinal Cord Injured Patients (SCIPs) made a caucus of persons living with same style.

These sufferers masses to be cared for physical complications like bed sores, contractures, UTI etc. to normal life with poverty eradication. FORD is a volunteer and not for profit making organization. The group of persons departed after rehabilitation from the institutes but developed an idea to unite under an organizational umbrella.

In the continuity of volunteer services in the relief phase of disaster management, the organization was registered in the year 2010 with Azad Jammu & Kashmir Council Secretariat under VSWA Ordinance, 1961 of Pakistan and VSWA Act, 1982.

Organization’s background

In order to fulfill the role identified for itself by FORD, a multidisciplinary professional team of social scientists, doctors and human settlement planners has been formed for future endeavours. The idea of inception of FORD lies in its resource-base and an integrated approach in the preparation and implementation of projects, for persons in urban and rural areas. All the members are well experienced and much devoted towards its aims and objectives. The team commands in the sectors of Social mobilization, community development, hygiene education, community physical infrastructure, disaster & emergencies, education, environment, reproductive health, gender advocacy, livelihood, community based rehabilitation etc.


The society believes that the “just and equal community participation” is the key to “sustainable development” in all phases of project planning, implementation and monitoring which defines the mission statement of the FORD as:
Health Care and Rehabilitation Management of Persons with Limited Physical and Functional Mobility i.e. Spinal Cord Injured Persons, Wheelchair Users and persons with lower limb body weakness. All these persons need to be mentored for their particular independent living style.


  • Introduce with invention the operational and administrative effectiveness of DPOs for PWDs
  • Medical treatment support, examination and assistive/aiding devices
  • Change in the life of PWDs through demonstrating practical Independent Activities of Daily Life (ADLs) with the team of same physical vulnerability and perpetual daily/monthly practices of self health care, functional social activities and decent livelihood drive
  • Explore accommodations for inclusion and propose modifications for accessibility
  • Improve communication with all persons in general and PWDs in particular
  • Unhide PWDs and arrange frequent interaction of PWDs within the society to bridge the gaps of communication
  • Awareness raising at grassroots level for adaption of possible modifications, arranging suitable accommodations, prefixing accessible constructions and reconstructions