Health & Rehabilitation

Health & Rehabilitation

We have partnered with primary care physicians serving Bagh and surrounding areas.

FORD provides both preventative, curative and assistive health services to the person with physical challenges with special focus to Spinal Cord Injured Persons (SCIPs), wheelchair users and persons with limited mobility. These physically vulnerable persons are incorporated into trainings on various practical approaches so that they can be fully absorbed into the society at their own measurements of life. Most of the trainings are delivered at the grassroots level by the personnel i.e. medical specialists and physiotherapists from specialised centres/institutes of Rehabilitation and Management.


The up-to-date activities in the health sector are as follows:

  • FORD punctually manages to provide medicines to SCI patients for the last two year in Bagh through different national, international, govt and non-govt organizations. Under this mandate, the medical rehab services were stretched to PWDs with need of medicines and assistive devices i.e. wheel chairs, toilet chairs and artificial limbs.
  • In collaboration with Handicap International, 20 PWDs were provided wheel chairs and mobility aids.
  • In village Chattar, a model village program was exclusively assisted by FORD in modifications of homes for the wheel chairs users.
  • Three Free medical camps were arranged by FORD in collaboration with Subh-e-Nau at Hotel Valley Inn, Bagh, village Ghaziabad-Dhirkot and Mahajir Colony-Bagh. These activities were consolidated with provision of Wheel Chairs, Crutches and Walkers for the medical rehabilitation of rural poor PWDs.
  • The activities were extended to the availability of devices apart from the portfolio of FORD as it managed to provide White cairns to Visual impaired persons in Union Council Dherray and Rawli.
  • FORD has been engaged by “Diakonie (Donor)” with the partnership of NRSP in implementing the project on “Capacity Building of Ford & Independent Living of Spinal Cord Injured Persons (SCIs) In District Bagh” in Tehsil Bagh.

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