Joint Social Participation and partnerships

In collaboration with NGOs

Joint Social Participation and partnerships

FORD maintains relationship by consolidating the resources of other working organizations in recognizing the community’s interests, engaging the NGOs and Community Organizations for solidarity, coordination and self realization. Collaboration was developed with various self-help groups, NGOs and INGOs to facilitate in the provision of information to implementation of projects.

PAK’s Welfare Association and Humanity Development Organization, Bint-e-Hawa Foundation have formed a consortium which has taken place in Islamabad, to facilitate and utilize the physical, human, social and financial resources of each other with the approach of “Integrated Community Advancement Needs (ICAN)”.

Memorial Tribute

The annual social gatherings are arranged as the remembrance of “Earthquake Day” on 8th October and “International Disability Day” on December 3rd, with other participating organizations to gather various groups of community i.e. Students, teachers, workers, local community and the staff of other organizations. So far, such events were integrated on various platforms i.e. Noor Bagh Psycho-social centre, Handicap International, MRDEA and PIPOS.

Referrals and linkages

FORD integrated activities of other organizations by identifying their needs in community and referred beneficiaries to them and linked resources to the agencies for inclusive development.

Person with Disabilities (PWDs) were identified and referred to government and nongovernment agencies for rehabilitation. Potentials were identified for trainings and referred them for individual capacity building. FORD has healthy links with international, governmental and non-government organizations for social work in Islamabad, Mansehra, Battagram and AJK.

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“A single drop of water does not make an ocean. Yet without each drop no ocean would exist. The strength of a society is in its members, its unity, and its ability to join others together as a whole to carry a strong moral message.”