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Ajab Shah House, Near Turkish Mosque
Dhulli Road, Bagh – Azad Jammu & Kashmir

+92 (301) 535 0411

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“A single drop of water does not make an ocean. Yet without each drop no ocean would exist. The strength of a society is in its members, its unity, and its ability to join others together as a whole to carry a strong moral message.”

Account Title: Forum Of Rehabilitation for the Disabled
Bank: Allied Bank Limited
Branch: Bagh, Azad Jammu & Kashmir
Branch Code : 0140833
Account No: 0010023466000015
Swift Code: ABPA PK KA
IBAN: PK81ABPA0010023466000015

Every drop counts

Your donations will be used for:

Wheelchairs for people with disability

Training and education

Health and rehabilitation


Low-income family support