In collaboration with USWAAH Technical and Vocational Institute.

FORD in collaboration with its partners USWAAH Technical and Vocational Institute (accredited by UTVI), provides comprehensive vocational rehabilitation services to individuals with disabilities age 14 to 90+, who, by reason of their disability or socio-economic vulnerability, are unable to find functional initiatives for their skill development or sustain employment to achieve economic stability. Majority of them are physically challenged including Spinal Cord Persons but also include individuals with physical, speech and hearing disabilities and young boys and girls from poor families. While referrals to the Rehabilitation Center come from various state and community groups and our time to time information channels that are trained to track the people who have disabilities or vulnerable. Visits are arranged without a referral for individuals interested in learning more about the program but are unable to access the point on daily basis.


The courses covered under the programme of Vocational Rehabilitation of disabled persons are listed below.

Dress making and Tailoring – 149 (Females)

Computer graphics – 43 (32 Males & 11 Females)

Plumbing – 32 (All Males)

Domestic electrician – 34 (All Males)

We train community volunteers

FORD also trains community volunteers at village level to deliver health messages to the SCIs and their families and to refer them to medical facilities provided by Federal, State and District agencies. It has also made substantial progress in reducing incidents of pressure sores, bowel and bladder problems and surgical complications in the region by raising awareness, guiding, training, counselling and distributing information to Spinal Cord Injured (SCI) persons.

FORD has partnered with Humanity Development Organization (HDO) and PAK’s Welfare Organization (PAKS) initiated a livelihood project “Waseela” for the uplift of Home Based Workers. The crux of the project is to identify Home based workers, group them and to magnify their skills for income generation. An exhibition was organized by Federal Ministry of Social Welfare and Bait-ul-Maal, Lok Virsa, Shakar Parrian. FORD joined hands with HDO and PAKS in the cause of livelihood rehabilitation of women.

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